About Us


Brookings to Broadway Dance Company was founded in 1994; we changed our name to B2B Dance Performance in 2021. Our our primary goal is to introduce every child to the fun and enjoyment of dance. We feel that dance should not be elitist, and that every child should be given the opportunity to express themselves through dance, learn to work with others, find self-confidence and acquire grace and poise.


When your child enrolls in our dance company they become "one of the family". Here at B2B Dance Performance we strive to make dance instruction not only fun, but educational. When teaching children dance we use the four avenues that take information to the brain; seeing, saying, hearing and doing; to make sure each child will learn.


Our instructors have a wide range of dance backgrounds and are here because they have a deep love and enjoyment of dance and want to pass their experience on to the next generation of dancers. B2B Dance Performance has 25+ years of dance education. You will find our class sizes are small so that each child may get the personalized attention they need. 


We offer a combination class of ballet and tap for dancers ages 3 to 5. For dancers 6 and up we offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, mini-hop and lyrical. We also offer advanced classes in pre-pointe and pointe. We realize that parents are very busy and would like to be a part of their child's activities, to that extent, our studio has an open door policy; you may sit and watch your child whenever you wish and when it is convenient for you. For more information on classes see our class schedule!

Meet the Staff
Carolyn Knutson

Not a dancer by trade but a dancer at heart! In 1994 her daughters began their dance journey at Brookings to Broadway Dance Company; at time the studio was owned by Jennifer De'Felice. In 1999 Jennifer had decided to close the studio. In the words of Grandma Myrna. "Carolyn's daughters cried for three days until she gave in and purchased the dance studio." :) This is where Carolyn's dance journey began. She loves working with all the dancers and their parents and she is so glad that she started this adventure 25 years ago!

Creative Director
Monica Knutson

Monica graduated from SDSU with a degree in Heath Education and a Minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She has been dancing for 20 years and is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Pointe. She has been teacher for 13years and enjoys working with the younger students through their first few years of dance.

Jaimie Gibbons

I'm from Brookings and currently studying for a PhD in molecular biology at SDSU. I began dancing when I was eight. Through elementary, middle, and high school, I took dance classes at Brookings to Broadway. Since graduating high school, I have continued studying dance and am happy to be back at Brookings to Broadway, sharing my love of dance with young dancers! I am also a yoga instructor.

Sadie Elverud