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Hello :)

Welcome to B2B Dance Performance!  

We are excited to welcome you to our new studio. 

2610 Wilbert Court Brookings SD 57006

We have created a beautiful new dance space but so much more...

*Nearly 3000 sq ft of dance space - 3 dance studios

*Raised oak floors for your dancers safety

*Parents viewing windows and an open door policy; you can stop by and watch your dancer and we encourage you to do so.

*Retail dancewear and shoes - featuring Capezio and Destira

Contact Info: Monica 605-695-8427 Carolyn 605-690-2390

 Questions please feel free to contact us

or message us on our Facebook page 

Specializing in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Tap & Jazz  Class Schedule 




When you enroll your dancer they become "one of the family". At B2B Dance Performance we strive to make dance instruction not only educational, but fun as well. We feel that every child should be given the opportunity to express themselves through dance, learn to work with others, find self-confidence and acquire grace & poise.


Our instructors have a wide range of dance backgrounds and are here because they have a deep love and enjoyment of dance and want to pass their experience on to the next generation of dancers. B2B Dance Performance has 27+ years of dance education; leaders in dance education. You will find our class sizes are small so that each child may get the personalized attention they need. When teaching children dance we use the four avenues that take information to the brain; seeing, saying, hearing and doing; to make sure each child will learn.


We offer a combination class of Ballet and Tap for dancers ages 3 to 5; and classes that include Ballet, Tap & Jazz for dancers 6-18.  Additional classes are offered in tap, jazz, mini-hop, lyrical and Celtic. We offer advanced classes in pre-pointe and pointe. For more information on classes see our Class Schedule! 

We realize that parents are very busy and would like to be a part of their child's activities, to that extent, our studio has an open door policy; you may sit and watch your child whenever you wish and when it is convenient for you. Studio C is an open studio for younger dancers and private lessons, Studios A and B have viewing windows. 


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