2019-2020 Dance Schedule!

We offer classes with multiple disciplines, which give the students knowledge in multiple dance disciplines and save parents multiple trips to town😊 See Class Descriptions below 

Monday -        Diamond (Age 9-10) Ballet & Tap 4:00-5:15 $45.00/month

                          Ruby (Age 5) Ballet & Tap 5:15-6:15 $35.00/month

                          Amethyst (Ages 10-11) Ballet, Tap & Jazz 4:45-6:00 $45.00/month

                          Emerald (Ages 11-12) Ballet, Tap & Jazz 6:1515-7:30 $45.00/month


Tuesday -        Garnet (Age 6-7) Ballet, Tap & Jazz 4:15-5:30 $45.00/month

                          Citrine (Age 3) Ballet & Tap $30.00/month

                          Carnelian (Age 7-8) Ballet, Tap & Jazz $45.00/month

                          Opal/Sapphire (Age 13-14) Ballet, Tap & Jazz $50.00/month


Wednesday -  Topaz (Age 4) Ballet & Tap 5:00-5:45 $30.00/month

                          Twirl (Ages 5-12) Baton 5:45-6:45 $30.00/month 

                          Silver (12 & Up) Pre-Pointe Ballet 4:00-5:00$28.00/month (must take                                                     another dance class) 

                          Gold (15& Up) Pointe  6:00-7:30 $32.00/month (must have completed two years                                       of pre-pointe)


Thursday       Aquamarine (16 & Up) Ballet, Tap & Jazz 6:00-8:00 $60.00/month




Class Descriptions


Classical French Ballet with a twist. We teach the correct French terms but we add a little to our ballet classes and choreography; maybe a little Lyrical, Modern and Free Flowing Art. 



Classical Tap with a few extras thrown in; stomp, Irish step-fast and furious or a little soft shoe; tap classes are high energy, exposing the dancers to a myriad of tap genres



The possibilities are endless for Jazz classes - jazz steps and technique with a dash of hip-hop, dub step and imagination are mixed together to give the dancer a unique look at the different aspects of Jazz. 



Those who have had a minimum of 2 years of dance and are age 12 can enroll in our pre-pointe class. This class is to strengthen the dancer's technique and body as they prepare to go en’ pointe. 



You must have completed 2 years of pre-pointe to enroll in this class.


Twirl :

Brookings to Broadway is proud to offer baton/twirl to the Brookings community. This class is for younger dancers (Ages 5-12). Our baton instructor is SDSU's own featured twirling Syndey Charlton.  Stedets will learn the basics of baton and perform at this year’s recital. 


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