Who We Are

At B2B Dance Performance we strive to make dance instruction not only educational, but fun as well. We feel that every child should be given the opportunity to express themselves through dance, learn to work with others, find self-confidence and acquire grace & poise. When your child enrolls with B2B Dance Performance they become “one of the family.” Our instructors are here because they have a deep love and enjoyment of dance & wish to pass that love on to the next generation of dancers. Our instructors at B2B have a wide range of dance backgrounds and dance education. You will see our classes listed as ballet, tap, jazz & pointe but you’ll often find instructors have mixed in a few other dance discipliners into their choreography Our class sizes are small so that each child will get the personalized attention they need.                 


General Rules

*B2B Dance Performance (B2B, LLC) is neither liable or responsible for any items lost, damaged or stolen.

*B2B Dance Performance (B2B, LLC) is not liable for any injury that may occur on the premises (Waiver)

*Parents are responsible to check the studio information board and/or our FB page for any relevant information.

*Parents are asked to be prompt when picking up their dancers

*B2B Dance Performance reserves the option to use any pictures and/or videos of dancers for advertisement or performance purposes, which includes but is not limited to newspaper and web site.

*If a child has any medical conditions or learning challenges that you feel we need to know please inform myself or your dancer’s instructor.


Attendance Policy

It is very important that dancers attend all scheduled classes, rehearsals & make up sessions. Regular attendance is imperative to ensure the dancer receives the maximum benefit from the classes. This is especially true in groups where a student’s continual absence will have an effect on formation involving other students and their placement in the choreographed routines. It is the dancer’s (or parent’s) responsibility for obtaining any information missed during their absence. * Remember, tuition is due whether or not your dancer attends classes; credit is not given for missed classes.



If a dancer must miss class for any reason, please notify us prior to the class. You will need to present a doctor’s note or inform us if your dancer has a medical issue or condition that prohibits them from participating in class. Please note; that unless we receive a call from a parent it is recorded as an un-excused absence. Attendance reports can be presented to parents by request. Those dancers who have missed more than 4 classes during the months of Sept - Dec may, at the instructor’s discretion, be required to have a make-up session at the instructor’s convenience. (Private lessons $25.00/ half hour) If a dancer has more than 2 un-excused absences and 4 excused absences during the months of Jan - May they may not be able to participate fully in the recital and will need to check with their instructor on a course of action.


Un-Excused Absences:

*No call from parent or dancer prior to dance class

*Missing a make-up session or rehearsal

*Friend of dancer telling the instructor that dancer will not be in class

*Arriving over 20 minutes late, without prior notice to instructor

*Two or more late arrivals without prior notification will result in the next class marked as un-excused.


Class Observation 

Parents are welcome to watch their dancer’s classes; in fact, we recommend you stop by the studio a few times during the year to check on your dancer’s progress and to check for any updated studio information or events. There are, however, a few rules.

*Your actions may not cause the instructor to have to stop class

*If you or your dancer have an issue with an instructor you are to speak to me first; I will then speak to the instructor - this rule also applies outside the studio.*

If you need to speak to your dancer, try to get the instructor’s attention and she will send your dancer over to you.

*Due to the size of the studio, the noise volume and the addition of the parent’s area; all rehearsals will be closed session; but as stated before you are welcome to come watch your dancer anytime during the regular class sessions.


We try to keep our dancers and their families informed and try to speak to everyone about important information and updates; it is impossible to know if everyone has received all the latest information. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the dancer and parents to stay informed; we encourage you to come into the studio on a regular basis to check the board for news. We will also post important information on our FB page. If you have any questions; comments or concerns about the studio; please feel free to talk to me. You can find me at the studio most evening after 4:00. You call, text or email me -  605-690-2390 info@brookingstobroadway.com ; an open line of communication is always the best policy.


Student Contact

Please note that It may be necessary for instructors to place hands on the student for proper placement and correction of body alignment, choreography and instructional purposes as well as body assessment. *During COVID-19 we will try to keep contact with students to a minimum, however if an instructor sees a student continually moving incorrectly or in a way that can physically harm them steps, including physically touching the student may be necessary. 


Studio Behavior & Conduct

All dancers are expected to be well behaved, courteous and respectful to their instructors, fellow dancers, staff and others. Disrespectful, mean or uncooperative behavior or attitude will not be accepted from anyone. Any dancer or parent displaying any of these behaviors will be asked to sit out during class, if the behavior continues the student may be asked to leave the studio and to consider whether they wish to continue with B2B Dance Performance

 The following behaviors will not be allowed...

*Disrespectful behavior towards instructors and/or fellow dancers

*Disruptive behavior; including excessive and loud talking during class

*Loud phone conversations and/or yelling, continually leaving class to check phone

*Rough-housing, running and/or horseplay - No gymnastics in the studio

*Destruction of property and/or theft of property

*Speaking negatively about instructors and/or fellow dancers

*Comparing abilities and/or ridiculing another’s abilities

*Harassment or intimidation of any kind, including bullying ~Pushing, shoving or fighting

*Not respecting another’s space - Keep Your Hands to Yourself


We encourage dancers to...

*Come to class with a positive attitude

*Come to class prepared and dressed appropriately

*Listen with an open mind when an instructor is giving corrections

*Keep trying even when it isn't easy

*Compliment and encourage your fellow dancer

*Work hard so you can achieve your goals

*Be a role model for younger students


Etiquette 101: 12 Dance Class Rules You Should Follow/ RadioCity Rockettes

Everyone wants to be an A+ dance student, but before you become the apple of your dance teacher’s eye, there are a few simple rules of etiquette everyone should take to heart in preparation for that first dance class:

1. Go jewelry-free. Obtrusive jewelry is potentially dangerous to you and others.

2. Listen while the dance teacher is talking. That means no talking while they’re talking. Not even quietly to your neighbor.

3. Stow away the cell phone. Turn off “don’t just silence” your cell phone. Putting it on vibrate can still make distracting noise.

4. Don’t film or take pictures in class. Always ask your dance teacher’s permission before recording or photographing any portion of your dance class.

5.Pay attention at all times, especially when waiting for your turn. You don’t want to get caught slouching or looking bored. And don’t ever sit down unless you’re asked to.

6.Stay for the entire class. It’s always best to stay for the entire duration of the class, but if you must leave early, talk to the teacher beforehand and make your exit as quick and discreet as possible.

7.Don’t leave and come back into your class. Stay in the studio for the entirety of class—no ins-and-outs. This can be distracting to your fellow dancers.

8.Always arrive on time. If you can’t avoid being late, enter very quietly and wait for the OK from your teacher to enter the dance floor. After class, be sure to apologize for your late arrival.

9.Let advanced students stand in front. Even if you arrived first, avoid the front of the room unless you know the combination.

10.Demonstrate good spatial awareness. This includes giving the instructor space, but don’t crowd those in the back of the room to do so.

11.Try your best. If you make the mistake of taking a dance class that’s above your skill level, never walk out of a class or sit down in frustration; hang in there and try your best, no one will fault you for that.

12. Be courteous and respectful. At the end of class, applaud and thank the instructor.


Dress Code

A dancer’s attire greatly determines the attitude toward their class work. Therefore, we require that the Dress Code is followed at all times. Basic dance attire; leotard, tights, skirt/shots and proper shoes. Instructors will not allow class participation by a dancer who regularly neglects this requirement. This is not a difficult dress code to follow; it is the same for any activity that requires a “uniform”- a leotard, tights and skirt are a dancer’s uniform. It's important for students abide by a dress code policy for the following reasons:

1) A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, instructors, and the art of dance.

2) Instructor must be able to see the dancer's body outline clearly in order to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc.

3) Hair must be up - secured and tied up and off the face and neck **FOR ALL CLASSES

4)Jewelry must not be loose or dangling.

5)Gum chewing is not allowed due to danger of choking and appearance.

6) No loose-fitting pants, blue jeans or t-shirts (they are not dance attire).

Dancers age 3-5 & Twirl students

Leotard & Skirt (Any color) & Tights Pink leather ballet shoes & Black Tie-taps

Dancers age 6-Adult

Leotard (Any color), Tights (Any color) & Skirt or Dance Shorts (Any color)

You may wear leggings or dance shorts (Any color) for Tap & Jazz ONLY

Pink Split-Sole Ballet Shoes *No toe undies, Black Split -Sole Jazz Shoes Black Split - Sole Tap Shoes

Pointe: Dancers that have completed 2 years of pre-pointe will need to make an appointment at DanceLine to set up a fitting for their pointe shoes. Please note that we do not allow lambs wool “toe pads” it is more comfortable for the dancer to use gel pads.


Weather & Safety

Weather:  We will send out information through Remind.com and weather announcements will be posted on KELO Closeline http://www.kelo.comhttp://www.keloland.com/weather/closeline and our FB page. We will assume every class will get 2 snow days; anything over 2 missed weather days will be made up, if possible and to the best of our ability. If a make-up is scheduled it is mandatory that all dancers attend, unless they have spoken to their instructor.  Safety: All dancers are required to wait inside the studio until they are picked up from class. If you wish for you dancer to wait for you outside, please let the instructor know. The Main St. entrance will be locked after 6:00 p.m.; please use the back door. 



We will have a professional photographer take our studio pictures; please do not bring your own camera (or phone) and take pictures during the scheduled picture sessions. Dancers will need to bring all their costume pieces and shoes.  For pictures ONLY: Hair can be styled to your preference, but do not add any additional colored clips or ribbons; only those that came with the costume. If you want your dancer to wear makeup for their dance photos they may. We do not have pictures scheduled at this time but the date will be posted as soon as possible.


Well Wishes

Every year we offer parents, friends and relatives a change to write a “Well Wish” to their dancers. We will place the wishes” in our program and all money collected from them will be given to a children’s charity. Well Wishes are $1 each and need to be emailed (info@brookingstobroadway.com) or turned into me by May 20, 2022

Recital Costumes

Dancers are measured for their recital costumes in November and costumes are ordered in December. Please note that once a costume is ordered they are non-returnable/ non-refundable; you are required to pay for the costume once it is ordered whether or not your dancer is continuing with dance classes. Costume payments are due by January 12, 2022. 

Recital Rules

Recital May 27, 2022 

Time: Arrive on time and ready to go for both dress rehearsal May 26, 2022 5:30 - 8:00 (closed rehearsal) and Recital May 27, 2022 at 7:00. Please arrive for recital no later than 6:15.  T

Hair: Hair must be worn off the dancer’s face; preferably in a bun, unless a different style is requested by their instructor. Do not use any colored clips or ribbons; only those hair pieces that came with the costume.


Jewelry: No jewelry will be allowed to be worn on stage, with the exception of SMALL stud earrings; dancers will be asked to remove any other jewelry.


Makeup: Makeup should be worn for the dance recital. Please stay clear of “loud” blue eyeshadow and bright red lip stick.


Costumes: Make sure all costume pieces and shoes are labeled with the dancer’s name.  Steam and/or press tutus.


Tights: All dancers will wear tan tights [Two pairs per dancer will be added into the costume fee]


Photography: No flash photography or video-taping during the recital.


Flowers: It is a custom to present dancers with flowers after a performance...remember to get your dancers flowers.☺


Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at the studio during the month of May or at the door the night of the recital. Ticket prices are $9.00 for ages 6 and up. Dancers and those under 5 are not required to have a ticket.

Doors: Doors will open at 6:30, no one is allowed in the auditorium before that time.